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ジェイホッパーズ第一号店。 京都駅徒歩8分の好立地で東寺、伏見稲荷、東福寺などの観光地が至近! 改装したてのドミトリーは個室空間を演出する特大ロフトベッド!


平和公園まで徒歩3分の好立地。宮島へも路線バスで40分。 広島初のゲストハウスは元旅館を改装した和風スタイル。 生粋の広島県人スタッフが笑顔でお迎えいたします♪


大阪駅から1駅の福島駅から徒歩3分。USJ、海遊館、甲子園、大阪城どこへ行くにも最適! 近隣はおしゃれな居酒屋などが多数立ち並ぶ商店街に面してます。



International Exchange Party


Here in J-Hoppers Osaka become a bar every Friday. Not only the guests but also the local people join thie party. Enjoy the cross cultural communication!!


Every Friday in between 7:00 - 22:00
*No need to make a reservation in advance


Common space in J-Hoppers Osaka

■How much?

*Draft beer and cocktails served at all 300YEN. (1st drink is free)

Going out drinking in Izakaya


The staff member Mr. Yano take the guests to Izakaya near the hostel. Have fun to communicate with other guests and experience the typical Japanese style drinking with him!!


Every Sunday in between 7:00~22:00
*No need to make a reservation in advance


Izakaya near J-Hoppers Osaka

■How much?

*Pay separatetly for the food or drink you ordered

Takoyaki Cooking experience

A staff member Mr. Yano takes the guests to the Takoyaki restaurant, and you can have an experience with cooking Takoyaki, which is Osaka local food.


Every Tuesdays in between 7pm and 9:30.

How much?

600yen including Takoyaki and dumpling, not for drink.